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In October 2002, having little hope of developing the line of research from England to Ireland, I went back to the Will of Stephen Gaubert, shopkeeper of Wexford. This Will was made on the 28th March 1738 and proven on the 29th June 1764. It refers to his wife Joanna Gaubert, brother Peter Gaubert, nephew Stephen Andre Gaubert son of Peter Gaubert, sister Suzanna Gaubert married to a Labat, and a niece Jane Gaubert, daughter of Peter Gaubert.

I then searched on the Mormon 'familysearch' database for a 'Labat' marrying a 'Suzanna' or 'Suzanne'. BULLSEYE. I contacted the contributor to the Mormon records Roland De Caen in Calgary, Canada. He kindly gave me a copy of his Labat records.

Etienne DE LABAT, son of Jerimie (1585-1645 who married 'Baudris 1600-?), was born abt 1625 in France and married about 1650, firstly to Jeanne de Labarriere, born abt 1630, and inherited through her the Segnurie of Baley d' Agenais, located just to the north of Tonneins.  He was a lawyer in the Huguenot Parliament in Bordeux. He was Seigneur of Labaronnerie after 1655. He married secondly about 1659 to Elisabeth Privat, and died in 1686 in France.

Andre de Labat was born about 1670 in Graxol, Norion, France. He was the younger son of Etienne De Labat & Jeanne de La Barriere and became Marquis of Clairac (south of Tonneins). After the Revocation of Edict of Nantes, Andre, Marquis of Clairac, was driven from his Chateau de Chirac, which was burned by the soldiers of Marillac.

Andre came to Ireland with the army of William of Orange. He went to Holland in about 1685, where he joined the French army of William (III) of Orange, and fought with them for 13 years in Holland, Ireland and Flanders. He was a Lieutenant in July 1689 in the Loche Brigade of Viviens Batallion in the Meloniers Infantry Regt. He was on the "Mountjoy" when it broke the siege of Derry, and received the Derry Medal and Freedom of Derry and Dublin then came to Ireland in 1693 with William's army. By March 1699 he was a Captain on pension from Meloniere's Regiment, and pensioned in March 1699 when he settled at Portarlington. At one time he rented a house, Kilmalogue House, in Kilmalogue from Joshua Pilot, a retired paymaster and surgeon from Battereau's Regt. In 1702 he had a double commission as a Lieutenant and Captain in the same regiment. Later he was a Captain of "Fonjuliane" infantry. He was granted Ballynakill (168 Acres) about 1699, (Deed of 14 Dec 1713) and, together with Henry Pidgeon, agreed to buy Raheen (98 acres) in same parish. This land is located about 2 miles southeast of Geashill and appears to be where he intended to build his residence. As he died in 1728 and appears to have been buried in Kilkenny, he may not have achieved this building.

From the IGI -


He married Christina Peppard on 17th Feb 1707 at Killaderry, Phillipstown, the present Daingean, King's Co, Ireland. By Christina he had a daughter Marie, and a son Andrew (Andre). He then married Suzanne Gaubert about 1730 although the record doesn't identify the place of marriage. She is shown as being born about 1709 also in Graxol, Norion, France. Whilst a 60 year old man marrying a 21 year old girl may already have health implications, the record says he died in 1728 (two years before his marriage - how's that for wedding nerves !) or in 1736.

He was buried at St Mary's, Kilkenny, Co Kilkenny, Ireland which is now derelict (Perogative Will proven 1763). to which church he had generously donated during his lifetime, and also in his will dated 7 February 1728 he left 3 Pounds to the poor of Portarlington Church, and to his parish church of Graxol. To his son Andre (Andrew 2nd.) he left all his worldly goods and property of all kinds, wherever located. To his wife, Suzanne Gaubert he bequeathed 15 pounds sterling, paid annually for life, rent from the Province of Utrecht, Holland. He confirmed the gift to Marc Chateauneuf, the husband of his daughter Marie, of the lease rents of Bogtown (probably in Upper Philipstown,  Ballykean Parish), that they already owned (halfway between Portarlington and Tullamore). He left 30 pounds sterling to his nephew Joseph Labat son of Jean Louis. In a codicil dated 29 February, he requests that his son Andre should give to his brother Jean de Labat of Labaronniere, Seigneur of Baley, if he should come to this country, the sum of 6 pounds per quarter, for his lifetime. Also mourning clothes for his daughter Marie and his niece Marie-Jean de Labat of Baley, and to his cousin Captain Labat of Baley. Deed no. 64553 dated 7th Sep 1738 cites Mary de Labat of Kilmolloge, Mrs Mary Chateauneuf, widow and Ann Chateauneuf her daughter, aged about 8 years, to lease the new stone dwelling house and grounds in Killmolloge in the suburbs of Portarlington, bordering the Malt House.

Suzanne Labat nee Gaubert died about 1763. As shown at Gaubert Connections

1728 Labat Andrew  
1763 Labat Susanna Dublin

There is no detail concerning Suzanne's parents nor where she married. In the Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland, her death in 1763 is recorded as 'Susanna' in Dublin. There is no mention of the family in the records of the French Church at Portarlington after 1750.

This information does corroborate Stephen Gaubert's Will but, frustratingly, doesn't identify the parents of Stephen and Suzanne.

At and in 'Index: P', Calendar of Treasury books, Volume 32: 1718 (1962), pp. 807-827. there is a record of both 'M. Gaubert' and 'A. Labat' as 'pensioners, annuitants, etc'

The Irish Labats were the ancestors of the famous Labatt brewing family of Canada. A descendant, John Kinder LABATT, was born in 1803 in Ireland. He went to Canada in about 1833, where he farmed 200 acres in Delaware Township near Glanworth. He purchased a brewery in 1847 in partnership with a Mr. Eccles, an experienced brewer. John died in 1866 in London, Ontario, Canada. By 1833, he had married Elsa KELL (born 9th Jan 1816 in England & died 20 Feb 1897 London, Ontario).

above :Ruins of Killaderry Church, Phillipstown, (Daingean)

below :Kilmalogue House for sale in August 2007 at 400,000 EU
with 4 beds & a bathroom

above : Kilmalogue House in 1977

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Extract from ‘Memoires de la Societe Genealogique Canadianne-Francaise” Vol XX No 2 page 91 Avril-mai-Juin 1969 by Jeanne Gregoire

Par ce testament date du 7 fevrier 1728, Andre Labat laisse aussi une certaine somme a l’eglise de Graxol, sa paroisse, et de meme aux pauvres de Portarlington. Il constitue son fils, Andre, ‘heritier universel de ses biens, de quelque nature qu’ils soient et quell que soit le lieu ou se trouvent ses proprietes. Il legue a son epouse, Suzanne Gaubert, outré une rente a vie provenant de la province d’Utrecht, en Holllande, la somme de 15 livres sterling devant lui etre payee annuellment par les executeurs testamentaires et provenant de toutes ses femme, jusqu’a’ ce que son fils en devienne le possesseur. Il confirme le don fait a son gendre Marc Chateauneuf, epoux de sa fille, Marie, des baux de loyer de Bogtown qui sont deja sa possession. Ce gendre be’neficie en plus, immediatement apre’s son deces, du loyert de Derine faisant partie de Bogtown. Il legue une somme de 30 livres sterling a son neveu Joseph Labat, fils de Jean -Louis


The following is important since it refers to Anne Chateauneuf, the daughter of Marc Chateauneuf and Marie Labat, who was the daughter of Andre Labat & Christina Peppard. It also confirms the association with the Pilot family.

Bapteme. Ce Mardi 2 Septembre, 1729.
Anne Chateauneuf.—Le 20 Aout, 1729, est nee une fille a Mr Marc de Chateauneuf & a Demoiselle Marie Labat, sa femme, laquelle a ete baptizee aujourd'hui par Mr des Vories, Pasteur de cette Eglise, et a ete presentee au S' Bapteme par Mr Andre Labat, son oncle maternel, parrein, & par Mclle Anne Chateauneuf, sa grand'mere paternelle, & Dame Charlotte de Mezerac, marreines, & nom lui a ete impose Anne. THEOD. DES VOEIES. Charlote d. Mezerc. Andre Labat. Ch. Quinsac. Louis Buliod.

Bapteme. Ce Jeudi 15 Sept., 1737.
Marie Lisse.—Le 10 de ce present mois est ne'e une fille a Jacques Lisse & a Anne Bertrand, sa femme, qui a ete baptizee ce jourd'hui aux prieres du soir par Mr Francquefort. Elle a ete presentee au Sl Bapteme par Mr Jean Boyer, parrein, & par Me Marie Labat, marreine, & nom lui a ete impose Marie. Jos. FBANCQUEFOET. John D. Boyer. Marie de Labat. G. Guion. Sam1 Beauchant.

Jean Benjamin Pilot.—Le ler Avril, 1743, est ne a Mr Josue Pilot & a Judith, sa femme, un fils, qui a ete baptise le lendemain le 2em" dans la maison du dit Sr Pilot par moi, G. Caillard, P. II a eu pour parrain Mr Jean Grandri, de Waterford, represents par Mr Josue Pilot, & pour marraine Madme Marie Merydeyth, de Dolorstown, dans la Comtee de Meath, representee par Mme Marie Labat, qui lui ont donne le nom de Jean Benjamin. G. CAILLABD, M. J. Clausade.

Theophile Beauchant.—Mecredi 14eme Novembre, 1750, est ne a Mr Samuel Beauchant & a Dme Marie Anne, son epouse, un fils, qui a ete baptise' le Jeudi 29eme du 16 dit mois a l'Eglise par Mr Caillard, Pastr, & a eu pour parrain Mr Thophije des Brisay, represente par Mr Josue Pilot, & pour marraine Madme Marie Labat, qui lui ont donne le nom de Theophile. G. CAILLAED, Pastr.

LABATT deaths in Ireland (from

First name
Record Set
Andrew Labatt   Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Death) Tipperary Clans Archive Offaly (King's) Philipstown King's Co. 0
Edward Labat born:1803
Vital Records: reg. district: Ballyshannon        
Joseph Labat   Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Death) Tipperary Clans Archive Dublin 86 Upper Dorset St,
Dublin Office, Bank Of Ireland
Wilhelmina Labatt   Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Death) Tipperary Clans Archive   119 Lower Baggot St 0
Samuel Bell Labatt   Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Death) Tipperary Clans Archive Dublin Monkstown 0
Judith Labatt   Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Death) Tipperary Clans Archive Cork Youghall 0
Jane Labatt   :Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Death) Tipperary Clans Archive Dublin Rutland Sq, Dublin 0
John Labatt   Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Death) Tipperary Clans Archive   London, Canada 0
Mary Jane Labatt   Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Death) Tipperary Clans Archive Dublin Winton Sandymount 0

andrew labatt
jane labatt
mary jane labatt
mr labat
samuel labatt
wilhelmina labatt

Melonière's Regiment:

Brigadier and Colonel Solomos de Loches, Col. Josias Vimar, Major Jasper la Balme, Major William Rieutor, Capt. Paul Montigney, Capt. Anthony la Bastide
Capt. John Brassalay ,Capt. Guy de la Court ,Capt. Lewis de Rosset, Capt. Charles de Cresserons, Capt. James St. Philbert, Capt. Lewis de Hannus, Capt. Stephen St. Mesmin, Capt. Centn. la Motte Belleau, Capt. Samuel, Comte de la Musse, Capt. Andrew Labat

Warranty Books 1715:  (for Ireland)
A List of French Pensioners: to be paid monthly upon their personal appearance; or, if absent, to be paid quarterly upon authentic certificates of their being alive and in no employment.

Josias Vimar, James Daubussarques and Farmer de Neuville, John de Varangle and Paul de Blosset, Abraham Mazeres, John de la Condriere [Coudriere], John de Savery, Solomon de Loches, Samuel de Boisrond, Renatus de la Fancille [Faucille], James Moutont [Montaut], Francis Darene, Charles D'Albenas, Peter D'Pagez, Daniel du Petit bose, Florence la Milliere, Daniel Bernatre, Jasper la Balme, William Rientor, Stephen Dampier, William la Coudriere, James Fountaine, Jane and Mary de Lansac, Lewis Fonjuliane, Philip Morel, John La Barthe, Francis de Soligny, Richard Desherbiers, Anne de la Meloniere, Joshua Des Loires, John Fountaine, Hector de Cramache, Charles la Caltiere, Lewis La Malquire, Isaac Chabrieres, Gaston St. Germain, Alexr. Dallons, Francis Menivall, Peter Balawdrie, Benjamin Pascall, Charles de Sailly, Samuel Marconny, Gideon Fonjuliane, Albertine Du Pasey, Elizabeth Le Conte, Peter Durand, Elizabeth La Plaigne, John la Ronviere [Rouviere], John Monledier, John de Meny, Silvia and Anne Montant, Esther de Clervault and Diana de Fountanier and Esther her daughter, Dr. Philip Lloyd, Charles de Cresserons and Peter Des Maizeux, Henry La Lande, Margaret Combecrose, Peter Pinsun, Daniel Du Collombier, Anto. La Bastide, Guy de la Court, Paul Montigny, Lewis de Rosset, James La Rimbliere, Theophs. Desbrisay, Mary De Bruse, Gabriel Tharot, Francis Pontrean [Pontreau], John la Clide, John la Brouse, John Dortoux, Daniel de Virazel, James Fenovillet, Jacob La Motte, Mare St. Maurice, Lewis de Prez, Mene Lambert, Paul La Porte, John Chardeloup, Peter Lavall, Jean Thomas, Francis Du Rouze, William Despierres, Anne la Perrine, Jeremy Bancons, Anto. Lamaria, John Brasselay, William Poucet, Charles Duroches Judith De Contierr, Charlotte De Laspoise, Mary D'Arilliers, Daniel D'La Force, John Fontanier, John Bayse, Janzes Bernard, William Guion, Anto. La Santier, Charles de Quinsac, Isaac Croses, David Daripe, Isaac Belloc, Peter la Mongontiere, Luke Tevigar, Charles Vaudiere, Anto. la Roque, Claudius Playfay, Theodorus la Cailtiere, James Rousse, Isaac Malleray, Simon Du Fay, John Constantine, Henry Drulhon, Peter Sisol, Peter Du Chesne, Philip Constantine, Durand Therond, David Moncornet, Charles du Marest, Augustus Duvall, John La Rouviere, John La Roque, Stephen de Guilhon, Peter Monfort, Jacob Vincent, James St. Philibert, Lewis D'Hannus, Stephen St. Mesmim, Centn. la Motte Belland, Abraham Sandor, Samuel Comte la Musse, Alberte Delande, Alexander Dutoral, John Terrott, John Rossieres, Abell Machinville, Francis La Lande, Anne Thonars, Samuel la Boissonade, Charles la Boulay, Hannibal Du Causse, Alexr. Millery, Charles Vignolles, Isaac Charrier, John Giberne, Lewis Du Perce, Solomon Liger, Arnold Pron [Prou], Susan Thenie, Abraham Courteil, George Piozett, Elizabeth Foucault, Anto. Bernard, Margt. Najac, Lewis St. Laurens, John De Prades, Cosmo De Mimet, Andrew Labat,

Monsieur Labat was a Noinian (try NORION) refugee in the army of William III., and is represented by the Rev. Edward Labat, rector of Kilcar, County Donegal (Smiles s Huguenots.)